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Data life cycle

Monitored hosts provides :

Data feeding

Domestik does't poll on its own for data : it's up to monitored objects to send figures they want to be stored.

All those exchanges are done thru standard technologies : http, webservices, JSon, ...

Some LUA scripts are provided within Domestik's bundle, but thanks to its openness, other datasources can be used to feed Domestik : as example, SAG's webMethods IS has been tested as data provider.

Accessing live data

Recent data are kept with maximum graduality and are accessible using "Live data".

Archived data

After a while (generally, data older than 1 day but it's a parameter of each probe) data are aggregated in archive area.

Note about archiving

Archived process is scheduled every day BUT each data are effectively archived ONLY WHEN corresponding host is up and running.

This allows to investigate last data if a crash occurs without risk of data purging.

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