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Domestik server installation guide

This page describe step by step how to do a basic installation of Domestik server.

Dowload Domestik bundle

  1. Dowload the tarball from Sourceforge and install in in /usr/local (it will create /usr/local/Domestik).
    Alternatively, you may use an SVN snapshot.
  2. Ensure /usr/local/Domestik/Server/Avatars is writable by Apache process' group. If Apache group is www-data, you should use following lines.
cd /usr/local
tar xjvf /tmp/Domestik_0.2b.tar.bz2
chgrp www-data Domestik/Server/Web/Avatars/
chmod g+w Domestik/Server/Web/Avatars/

Configure Apache

  1. add /usr/local/Domestik/Server/share/Apache2/Domestik.conf to apache's configuration.

On Gentoo, you have to :

ln -s /usr/local/Domestik/Server/share/Apache2/Domestik.conf /etc/apache2/
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Then include this file into your /etc/apache2/httpd.conf

Consider adding some host restriction if Domestik is exposed on the Internet.

<FilesMatch "^(get|Users.php)">
    Order Allow,Deny
    Allow from YourNetwork
    Allow from 127

Will prevent access to user management page as well as Ajax companions.

<Files ProbesRendezVous.php>
    Order Allow,Deny
    Allow from YourNetwork
    Allow from 127

Protect access to probes' webservice.

As of Apache 2.4, Require replaces Order and Allow directives, then you have to place

<FilesMatch "^(get|Users.php)">
    Require ip 127
    Require ip YourNetwork

<Files ProbesRendezVous.php>
    Require ip 127
    Require ip YourNetwork

Install icons for the GUI

Domestik's GUI relies on Gome's icons which are normally installed in /usr/share/icons/gnome/ . Even if you're using another desktop environment which is based on GTK (LXDE, XFCE), there is chances these icons are already installed as well ...

If it's not the case, you may install them manually : on Gentoo it's

emerge gnome-icon-theme

Create the database environment

Creating the www database and user, ... everything related to PostgreSQL administration tasks is out of the scope of this documentation.

  1. Logon the www database and run scripts from /usr/local/Domestik/Server/Sql/PostgreSQL/ as bellow :

As example :

$ cd /usr/local/Domestik/Server/Sql/PostgreSQL/
laurent@bidule /usr/local/Domestik/Server/Sql/PostgreSQL $ psql www
psql (9.1.5)
Saisissez « help » pour l'aide.

www=# \i Common.sql
Drop potential existing environment

HighCharts installation

  1. Read HighCharts license to check if you need to pay some fees
  2. download HighCharts bundle
  3. copy highcharts.js and prototype-adapter.js in Domestik's javascript directory.
cd <directory where HighCharts bundle has been extracted>
cp js/highcharts.js js/adapters/prototype-adapter.js js/highcharts-more.js /usr/local/Domestik/Server/Web/Js/

Scriptaculous installation

  1. dowload script.aculo.us from its website
  2. copy scriptaculous-js* somewhere on your disk
  3. in your apache configuration, add the following line
alias /scriptaculous/ /web/scriptaculous-js-1.9.0/
  1. finally restart apache

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