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Server performances tips

While Domestik aims having the little footprint as possible on monitored machines, technologies used may require particular attention at the server side.


Domestik has been developed on quite old and obsolete machines in order to ensure best performances while in the real world.

So this page addresses situation where a quite large park is monitored ...

Potential cause of slowness

Amount of data

Obviously, the larger data stored, the longest the time to manage them. To ensure best performances, keep in mind :

A rule of thumb is to always think twice while adding a new monitored host :


A database is used :

If the database is pointed as a bottleneck, several actions can solve the issue :


Due to the nature of web services usage, your web server will be spamed by frequent tiny requests.

Have a look on Apache best practices focusing on web server serving lot of small queries and not using "keep alive".

To reduce Apache activities, think also to :

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