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PostgreSQL database : Tested with latest version available, 9.2 but it may work with previous versions as well.

Other databases may be supported on the future as only standard SQL sentences are used and portability issues have been already addresses.


Domestik will store its data in a database named www (it has to exist, provided scripts will not create it for you). Script will create a dedicated schema named "domestik" and grant access to "www" user, which is supposed to be the user running Apache.

If really you want to change those parameters (which is not recommended) :

Web server

Apache web server with following modules enabled :

For performances reason, it is recommended to compile PHP5 as apache module and not as CGI. Following extensions are required :

Modules suggested

User access is managed inside Domestik itself. Nevertheless, if Domestik administration pages or web services rendez-vous is directly exposed to the Internet, mod_authz_host will help to restrict access only to trusted hosts.

Javascript libraries

Following third party libraries are needed :

  • scriptaculous for graphical effects
  • prototype for Ajax handling (this library is provided within scriptaculous bundle and, as such, doesn't need a specific installation)
Follow dedicated installation procedure and then create an Apache alias. For example
alias /scriptaculous/ /web/scriptaculous-js-1.8.2/

For graphical generation :

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