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Geppetto - Users management

This page is accessible using “Users/Puppets” entry on the window top menu.

Kind of users


Administrator are humans and can manage other users, tasks definitions and puppets queues.


Visitors are humans too, but with read only only access. They are allowed to see tasks queues and associated logs. They can't do any modification on the system, even removing logs.


Puppets are machines managed by Geppetto.
As such, those accounts can't be used for interactive login but are used to authenticate against web services.

Users' health

A status is associated with each users as bellow :

For humans

This user is active and can acts on Geppetto GUI.

This user has been disabled by an administrator. It can't logon and interact with the GUI.

For puppets

This puppet is active and is waiting for tasks to launch.
Technically it means this puppet's last query is not older than the inactivity period.

This puppet is currently working on a task and is still requesting for tasks.
Technically, it means this puppet accepted a task, not reported yet its completion and last query request is not older than the inactivity period (Even if a puppet is busy, it is still querying Geppetto for fast tasks).

Sleeping puppet : This puppet didn't do any query during last inactivity period. Most likely, it's because this puppet is switched off, but it can be due to connectivity or crash issues as well.

As human users, puppet can be put inactive by administrators.

Editing user's properties

All fields are self explanatory in the pop-up thats opens when creating or modifying an user.
Puppets have additional fields :

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