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SÚlÚnÚ - MQTT automation tool ... and more


Le GITHub de Séléné

Séléné is an automation tool based on MQTT data for which user's scripts are wrote en Lua languages. It is as lightwight as possible and, thanks to its DirectFB and nCurses backend, it can be used to create easily fancy dashboard as well.

These pages are not (yet ?) a complete documentation of Séléné API and possibilities but more a tutorial how to use it. Any help welcome. Comprehensive examples are provided within Séléné package.

SÚlÚnÚ core

In addition to few tutorials bellow, please have a look on provided examples which are self explanatory for basic features ... I hope.

Shared variables Tasks MQTT messaging multi-threading discuss Input events

DirectFB plugin

DirectFB is a library providing easy API to Linux' frame buffer, making easy to make GUI without the need to install a full X stack. Consequently, resulting applications have a small memory footprint and are suitable for old devices as well as ones with few resources, like embedded ones. It provides graphics acceleration, input device and graphics abstraction layer and a limited integrated windowing system.

It's very difficult to find decent DirectFB tutorial, and even if not complete, even if Séléné supports only a subset of DirectFB capabilities, these page can be took as "better than nothing" usage example even if you're using another framework and language.


Simple line Image viewer Text drawing

Non standard features

Following features are not present in DirectFB but are specific to Séléné.

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